Topic Maps Test Suite (cxtm-tests)

This is a suite of tests for Topic Maps implementations, based around the various Topic Maps syntaxes. The intention is to help developers of Topic Maps implementations verify that their implementations are actually correct according to the specifications. It can also help customers verify whether a particular implementation is actually standards-conformant.

For each syntax, there are two kinds of tests: canonicalization tests and invalidity tests. The canonicalization tests consist of one (or more, if merging is used) input file in some Topic Maps syntax, and a corresponding canonical output (in CXTM), showing the correct interpretation of the input. Implementations pass if they output a CXTM file identical to the one in the test suite. Invalidity tests are invalid inputs which must be rejected by the implementation.

The current release (0.4, 2011-01-17) consists of the following tests:

Syntax Canonicalization tests Invalidity tests
XTM 2.1 143 13
XTM 2.0 111 11
XTM 1.0 91 3
CTM 223 38
LTM 1.3 80 25
TM/XML 35 1
JTM 1.0 144 10
JTM 1.1 152 14
TMCL 28 48
RDF to Topic Maps 46 13
CRTM 16 0
1143 176

These tests have been verified using the following projects:

More tests will be added with time, and it's likely that tests for more syntaxes will also be added. If you want to get involved, you can find the mailing list and so on on the SourceForge project page.

More information: